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About BI.Q Option Exchange
BI.Q Option exchange is a decentralized trading platform based on block chain technology that has openness, transparency, reliability and fairness.
We focus on improving your knowledge and experience by providing an intuitive and easy trading platform.
We are committed to helping to create a more mature market by meeting the needs of both experienced and new investors. We currently support five language versions in Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese to provide the best user experience for global investors.

BI.Q Option exchange is a pioneer in block chain technology, and our transaction will be available not only in bit coin, etherium, but also in near-term BCH, DASH and various public block chains.
We are researching the various characteristics of each public block chain to meet the diverse needs of investors. BI.Q Option exchange has undertaken comprehensive and deep research into the safety and efficiency of block chains. We help our team learn the latest industry information, skills and ideas through frequent and in-depth online participation in the community and attend all events.
Our vision is to build a stable, reliable, sustainable distributed derivatives trading platform that allows investors worldwide to invest, predict and invest anywhere, anytime. They will truly experience the block chain technology and the revolution caused by cryptography.

We believe that the key concepts of the block chain, distribution technology and smart contract technology, will have a significant impact on the real economy by building human and human trust, eliminating trade barriers, and improving transaction efficiency.
With accurate real-time estimates, we will help you win by your strategy, effort, timing, and good luck in a fair and transparent situation.

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